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How To Sell And Buy At The Same Time with Mike Nielsen
Craig Power and Mike Nielsen talk about strategies for navigating the sale of a current home while purchasing a new one.
Cryptocurrency & Real Estate: Bitcoin In Boston's Luxury Market
Crypto has arrived in real estate. There are differences between crypto-to-crypto deals and crypto-to-dollar transactions which I discuss here. Believe it or not, there are many who would prefer to do business this way.
Let's Talk Business // Craig Power
Craig Power of Power Realty Advisors joins the podcast to discuss the Real Estate Market, how he got into the industry and talks about his history with Community Media in Marshfield
Real Estate Bidding Wars -- Back With A Vengeance
Bidding wars -- back with a vengeance in the Greater Boston housing market. In spring 2022, it's likely you'll find yourself in one of these multiple offer situations.
My Marketing Pitch To Sellers -- Spring 2022
The unique value proposition of our real estate brokerage. Explaining two key aspects of our marketing game, and most importantly how we put the most money in our clients' pockets.
Boston Housing Market Forecast 2022
Boston Housing Market Forecast 2022. Covering a few topics like 1) the late stage covid housing market 2) rising interest rates 3) rent inflation and 4) how this is all playing out with our clients.
6 School St | Multi-Family Video Tour
Video tour of 6 School Street, an impressive multi-family listing. This property got seven offers and was off the market in 6 days. Sold in April 2021 above asking.
Buying Your Forever Home & Avoiding Real Estate Risk
Market advice for specific situations. If you are presented with an opportunity to buy your "forever" home, fear of an eventual market downturn should not factor in to your decision-making.
Waiving Inspections | First Time Home Buyer Advice
I never recommend waiving your home inspection, although it happens in this market. My clients who have waived it decided on a different strategy, which we discuss here.
Living In Hingham | Downtown Hingham Neighborhood Tour
Downtown Hingham neighborhood tour. Guiding you through the local area, highlighting the history, real estate, local amenities, and other perks of downtown Hingham.
Massachusetts First Time Home Buyer Class | Free 15 Minute Crash Course
Over 2,000 views! A free 15 minute crash course explaining the steps of your home purchase. I'm thrilled to say this video has proven to be a huge resource for home buyers throughout Massachusetts.
Rent Inflation Is Here
Apartment Guide put out a new rent report predicting rent inflation through 2023. We talk about what it means for renters, and discuss the prospect of renting vs. owning.