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Adjustable Rate Mortgages | What's An ARM Loan?
As interest rates rise, adjustable rate mortgage products historically become more popular. The way our housing market is turning, it's safe to say a lot of new home purchases will use ARM loans.
Final Walkthrough Before Closing | Our Home Buyer Checklist
In the days or hours leading up to a closing, as the buyer you'll have an opportunity to inspect a home's condition. This video is intended to be a helpful reference.
Levitate Festival Preview With The Elovaters Drummer Nick Asta
An Interview With The Elovaters Drummer Nick Asta. I got a chance to catch up with my old pal Nick and ask about the tour so far, his musical influences, and more.
Weymouth Real Estate Market Update | Is It A Good Time To Buy?
In this video we examine Weymouth's inventory of "starter homes" and answer the question we get asked commonly today: Is it a good time to buy?
South Shore Real Estate Summer 2022 Update!
Summer 2022 update plus five tips for Massachusetts home buyers as we enter the summer market. Our local market today is operating under the shadow of rising interest rates. Buying power is getting pummeled.
Selling A Home In Massachusetts? Get A Free Market Analysis
For anyone selling a house in Massachusetts -- Do you want to know how much your property is worth? Better yet, do you want free advice to save or make you money? Take advantage of our free market analysis program.
Marshfield Real Estate Market Update | Prices Will Not Drop
A deep dive into the Marshfield MA real estate market. After reading so many "housing crash" headlines, I thought it was a good time to pause and discuss how a potential recession could affect Marshfield specifically.
NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) Explained | Why NIMBYism Is A Problem
Craig Power and Mallory Baker-Schupp talk about the famous abbreviation NIMBY and its economic impacts. How do you balance keeping your town's identity with a responsibility to create more housing?
The Truth About The Home Affordability Crisis
More of an opinion video -- I wanted to share this worldview and put things in perspective for anyone who doesn't understand why millennials and Gen Z are so financially paranoid.
Mortgage Rates & Inflation with Mike Nielsen of Guaranteed Rate
Craig Power and Mike Nielsen talk about how mortgage rates are determined and our current inflationary environment.
Selling A Home In Boston | Free 15 Minute Seller's Guide
This video is a free 15 minute crash course to set you up for success when selling your property. The goal is to help anyone unfamiliar with the real estate process from the seller side.
Mallory Explains The Housing Affordability Crisis
Craig Power and Mallory Baker-Schupp talk about housing affordability and difficulties for millennial and Gen Z homebuyers.