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Homeowner's Insurance Dilemma | Should Massachusetts Be Worried?
This is becoming a big problem for buyers & sellers in other states. Big name insurance companies exiting due to risk of natural disasters. Here in MA, we're experiencing our own weather changes. How does this relate to our own situation?
What Exactly Is The Urban Doom Loop?
What Exactly Is The Urban Doom Loop? Is it a real thing, and is it occurring in Boston? In this video I wanted to explain the urban doom loop phenomenon and the fallout from depreciating office real estate in Boston.
The Real Estate Commission Changes & How They Affect You
Assuming this settlement goes through, we will see changes to the way real estate transactions are performed beginning in July. No more cooperating compensation being listed in the MLS. Find out how this will affect your future buying/selling experience.
Do I Have To Pay Capital Gains Taxes On Inherited Property In MA?
Do I have to pay capital gains taxes on inherited property in MA? What is your tax liability when you inherit real estate in Massachusetts? This short video covers a lot of common questions, such as what a "stepped up" basis is.
Selling Inherited Property In MA | How To Sell An Inherited Home
Are you trying to understand all the steps involved in taking ownership & potentially selling an inherited property in Massachusetts? This video can serve as a helpful guide.
128 Gotham Hill Drive Video Tour | Marshfield Home For Sale
Our newest listing as of 2/7/24. Welcome to this charming expanded cape with a timeless brick exterior. Offered at $699,000.
Marshfield Home Seller's Guide 2024 | Your Home Selling Questions Answered
Marshfield Home Seller's Guide 2024. Your Home Selling Questions Answered. Covering all the high level questions about selling costs, moving logistics, and taxes (including capital gains). We'll also touch on other topics, like how to sell your home with or without updates.
Property Management Services In Boston | The Best Value For Property Management
Property Management Services In Boston. A brief outline for our social media audience. Power Realty Advisors can offer full-service management for investment properties and condo associations. Our management portfolio includes everything from individual condo units to large residential buildings.
What's The Opposite Of A Housing Crash? Predictions For Our Real Estate Future
Examining macroeconomic trends among millennials and Gen Z. You may see a lot of "market crash" content & articles out there, but allow me to explain why we're really facing the opposite problem.
Top 5 Actually Affordable Towns Near Boston
Listing off my top 5 actually affordable towns near Boston MA. You may have heard it's pretty hard to buy a house right now. I created this video with our first time home buyers in mind.
The MBTA Communities Law & The Deadlock In Massachusetts Housing
The MBTA Communities Law is a hot topic and here in Massachusetts it’s seen as the tip of the spear for the housing crisis. In fact the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe recently made waves with a big piece on Milton, MA.
The Gibson Lawsuit | Why Gibson Vs. NAR Is The Scariest Of Them All
Last week the Sitzer Burnett vs NAR verdict sent shockwaves through the agent community. That same day, the plantiff's lawyer filed a copycat lawsuit seeking damages of more than 100 BILLION dollars.